Porquerolles Island is a magical place just a few minutes by boat from the Peninsula of Giens in Hyeres. The island is part of the town of Hyères.
It is the largest and westernmost of the three islands of Hyères. Its perimeter is about thirty kilometers. It owes its conservation status to the fact that it is owned by the French government since 1971 and has the status of "National Park" since 2012.
The main activities are hiking for its multiple viewpoints, mountain biking, beach and scuba diving.
Conferences, events and guided tours of the highlights of the island and National Park areas are also available to the public all year.

Examples of flights to Porquerolles
With Squirrel H125 Single Engine
From 990.00 € VAT included
With Squirrel AS355 Twin Engine
From 1,590.00 € VAT included